Japan, BONZAI! One of my favorite countries to visit. The people of Japan teach you respect, passion, and pride without even speaking a word. Their actions give you a feeling of how the world should be, how communities used to be, and how life needs to be. I have been fortunate enough to visit Japan a passports worth and can never get enough!

On our tours we take you to the shopping meca of Tokyo Harajuku. Famous for its style, boutique shops, and the Harjuku girls it is always a stop on our trips. People love the high end shops but really the true treasures of this city are the small back roads that go for miles. You can find everything from H&M, the Gap, Hello Kitty, to Unique urban brands like Supreme.

We also visit Shabuya another shopping city that will blow you away. home of the world famous 109 building for women, you can find 109 women's clothing stores under one roof. Shibuya is famous for the busiest Starbucks in the world sitting of the curb of the busiest Intersection in the world. You can spend a 2,3 days in this city that is also filled with cool bars, coffee shops and food! Everywhere you turn you cant go wrong with restaurants.

Tskiji Fish market is another priority on my list. Every trip I have ever taken to Japan I pay my respects to the worlds largest fish market. Catch the fish auction at 5am, or 9am and this place is jumping. It's four football fields long and you can find everything and anything from under the sea, and I mean everything. After a stroll through the fish market we take a stop at the open market where you'll find all of the oceans treasures in Sushi bars, roadside grills, and ramen stands. Breakfast on the Tskiji visit usually includes ramen and sushi as fresh as can be!

Other stops include Odiba, Shijuku, and the electronic district Akhibara. Bring good walking shoes we like to go in the depths of the subways and train stations where you can find award winning restaurants and stand up food stands. This is one of my most requested tours visited by many more then once.