Lanais travel Club Members

We’re back! And wow, what a great time we all had! This past April Lanai’s Travel Club took a trip to the Eastern Mediterranean for an amazing experience. From wandering the streets of Bari to sampling local foods to private tours, shopping and more, our adventure through Europe was absolutely incredible. The group we traveled with was ideal, and now that we’re back in Hawaii we’ve been getting together over dinners and drinks to stay connected and relive the fun times. Our travel group became very close and the friends we made were invaluable to the adventure.

Let’s recap on a few of the highlights of this Eastern Mediterranean cruise. One city that was a pure amazement was Olympia. With its stunning architecture, ancient ruins, and historic buildings, this place was astounding. Another great city was Bari, Italy where we rode through the streets on bicycles deep into the city, just as the locals do. We also tasted the flavors of fresh Italian pasta, which was a savory flavor we’ll all remember!

Santorini was just gorgeous! Views of the Mediterranean Sea, the Greek Islands, and the famous blue church were even more beautiful than you see in pictures. The group took a private tour around Santorini and viewed the ancient city excavation, but quite possibly the most amazing part of the trip was the tour through La Tordera Winery in Prosecco. Famous for their sparkling wine, this estate is flanked by hilly terrain filled with vineyards. Lucky for us, our personal tour guide Lanai is a wine connoisseur, and was able to give us an even more detailed trip through the property.

Venice was an equally beautiful city and traveling via ferry through the Venice Riverways was a great way to see the city. We also shopped the streets of Thea and found unique souvenirs and amazing food. Dubrovnik, Croatia, Athens and Corfu, Greece, and Treviso, Italy were a few other places we explored. This was the trip of a lifetime and everyone had such a great experience. We’re looking forward to the next Eastern Mediterranean cruise coming up in August of 2014. This time we’ll be cruising the NCL Jewel, a spectacular cruise ship with incredible amenities. Join Lanai’s Travel Club as we sail the seas of Europe!