Group Travel Hawaii

We’ve all heard the adage, the more the merrier, right? Well, when it comes to traveling, this statement couldn’t be truer. While it’s fun to take a trip with your partner or a close friend, traveling group travel eally adds to the experience. With Lanai’s Travel Club, we take up to 50 guests on a vacation, which makes touring a new city not only exciting, but also the meeting and mingling process a lot of fun too. While 50 people might sound like a lot, it really just gets the party started! We meet many more during our travels, including locals, other tourists, and cruise ship passengers. More people equals more fun!

There are two great aspects about exploring a destination with a large group of people. First, you have the opportunity to enjoy a foreign place with the company of others who feel the same way you do. That first sight of the ancient ruins of Olympia, Greece, the awe of Alaska’s wildlife, or the stunning views from Santorini are all things that will amaze you. Sharing this with others is a great way to connect and it’s nice to know that other people are as awe-inspired as you. With so many things to see, you’ll want to remember every bit of the fun, and your friends will help with the memory making and reliving.

Second, traveling with a larger group offers a unique social opportunity. With so many different personalities coming together, it’s a great way to make the most out of your adventure. There might be the token comedian, the wine connoisseur, the thrill seeker, the savvy traveler, the foodie, or the knowledgeable art collector within your group. Each traveler offers something different and you’ll end up making some connections you never knew existed.

Lanai’s Travel Club is a tight knit group of people. We all love to travel, enjoy good company, and love broadening our horizons by trying new and different things. We would love to welcome new members to the Club and look forward to our next adventure together. We all agree that witnessing the world as a group is more fun than doing it alone. And after the vacation is over, it’s great to relive the memories back home together over dinner and drinks. There’s no better way to travel than with a lively group of friends, so come onboard Lanai’s Travel Club and see what it’s all about!