Sapporo Japan was a city I wouldn’t have thought to visit. I always heard about the amazing food, the beautiful snow, and the unique sights, but never had it on my bucket list. After my visit in February 2012 though, I can’t wait to head back again! The people of Sapporo are very friendly, just like the locals of Tokyo. The only difference is they might be just a tad more laid back.

When we arrived we got to witness Sapporo’s largest snowfall in over 50 years, so we were told. In most cities snowfall clogs up the movement in life, but not here. I was amazed on how quickly city workers cleared out sidewalks, snow plowed roads, and shoveled train tracks. The major sidewalks in Sapporo are heated too, so snowfall is instantly dissolved. The beauty of snow falling in Sapporo is more then spectacular, it's simply breathtaking. When we arrived we visited the Sapporo tower in the middle of a well-designed grid city. Front and center for shopping, this clock tower can bee seen from almost anywhere in the city. Home of the Winter Olympics in 2000, you can see the resorts and many snowboarding mountains. We paid 300 yen for the trip to the top of the tower, which was very well worth it. To get there from the major train station and artery of the town you have to walk the some 2-3 mile underground walkway. This city can function in snow or shine, it’s amazing.

I always found that food tasted better when in cold climates and Sapporo is that place where you want to find a good meal. Seafood is fresh and this city is known for their scallops and giant crab. If you ever find yourself in this bustling place, make sure you find a Robata (grilled) restaurant and try the crab. Sapporo is also famous for their Miso ramen. Ramen is huge with the locals. It’s so popular that they have ratings and competitions for the title “Best Ramen”. If you come on one of my tours, you will have the chance to visit Ramen World where there is a whole floor of different styles of ramen that will blow your mind. There are two Ramen Worlds, the original and the newer one that is tucked away atop a department store. You’d never find this secret spot unless you knew a local.

During my 5-day stay, people also talked a lot about the famous Sapporo Soup Curry. If you like curry you will love soup curry especially in the cold weather. So if you’re a food lover, Sapporo is a must. I can’t wait to bring another group back to this flavorful city. Posted by Lanai