Hawaii People Love to Travel
You would think that anyone living permanently in Hawaii would be perfectly content with their surroundings. No need travel to the Caribbean for beautiful beaches, or Washington for waterfalls, or even Mexico for a warm tropical vacation, right? Wrong! Residents of Hawaii love to see the world too, and all of its diversity. And once a local gets the travel bug, thereís no stopping it! Just because Hawaii residents live in a vacation Mecca doesnít mean they donít want to do a little exploring outside of the tropics. And it seems like the further away the destination, the more people we get from Hawaii booking the trip.

Itís true that Hawaii is one of the top vacation destinations in the world, but for any resident, it still just feels like home. While itís also true we can feel like vacationers during the weekend, Hawaii is where we work and therefore where we develop stress and the problems of everyday life. So itís hard to say that life in Hawaii is a holiday 100% of the time. Which is why so many Hawaii locals love to see the world. Take me away to the French countryside where I can get lost in the rolling hills, or the Sahara desert where I can watch animals in their safari home, or even the continental US where I can drive for weeks without seeing the ocean. All these things may seem old or run-of-the-mill to you, but theyíre new to many Hawaii residents.

The islands are such a mixing pot, that most locals have some familiarity with many different cultures, given a sense of travel right within the state. When you visit Hawaii, you can see a bit of Hawaiian, Japanese, Portugese, Filipino, Chinese, Korean, and Samoan culture in the foods, traditions, cultural practices, and monuments. So for people living in Hawaii, seeing totally different countries like Europe or Africa is a great way to experience something unique. But thatís also not to say people in Hawaii donít like to travel to the more familiar places. Vegas, for example, is the number one visited place for Hawaii locals. Thereís just something about the neon lights and legal gambling I guessÖ But for anyone who enjoys globetrotting, we like to say, the farther away from home the better because thatís when the real adventure begins!