Lanai in Korea
A few words to describe my experience in Korea… Korean BBQ's, shopping, and so much to see! I was quite surprised with the advancement Korea has made and its growth in technology and modern appeal. The people are polite and you can still find the traditional ways of bowing and respect in this country. It was like being in Tokyo, but with everyone speaking another language.

We’ve all heard the song ‘Gangnam Style’, but did you know the song is actually about a high-end city of Korea? The area Gangnam is south of the Han river, and the river literally splits the major part of Korea in half. Gangnam is very upscale with hotels like The Conrad and The Westin. The streets lined with Gucci, Louie Vuitton and shops that would remind you of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The streets in Gangnam are wide and clean, and heavy with high-end Kia and Hyundai cars. Korea is very supportive of their own brands, so the locals don't buy foreign cars too often. The city also has its share of affordable shopping, and you can find bars on every corner.

North of the river is a place called Myo-dong, which is jumping with life all day and night. You can find bars pouring soju, (rice wine) and Korean beers, and also grilling up some amazing Korean pupus. There is even a night market open 24 hours where you can bargain with store owners and find street vendors serving up great Korean food. There is also so much to visit on the side streets and department stores, so if you like shopping or enjoy eating… you will love Myo-dong!

On our next tour to Korea we will be staying in Myo-dong at the IBS Ambassador hotel. We will be visiting the very unique fish market and the couture city of Gangnam, plus we’ll be shopping till you drop. Not to mention sampling great Korean foods and exploring the city streets. I hope you can make it on my next Korea trip! Kamsamida!