Excitement, anxiety and frustration are the three words I would use to describe our first week on the Great Food Truck race. But what a great adventure it has been! Obviously we are not happy with being in 5th place currently, but we did learn a lot from the experience so far, and think we can turn this thing around. Our first assignment was to hit Beverly Hills. I don’t think many people know how small Beverly Hills really is … that is of course, when it comes to parking.

We did learn that location is key in this game, as well as our little motto of ‘thin to win’. While the other teams are going gourmet and spending money frivolously, we have decided to commit ourselves to spending wisely, and to find the best foot traffic we can! After all, we have to stay true to all our local flavors and our roots from Hawaii. 

Adam, Shawn and I had a few bumps and arguments along the road, but the most important part is that we learned a lot this first week. The emotions during this journey are something I have never gone through before. Don’t get me wrong though, this has been a fun and amazing experience. But when you have the word ALOHA on your T-shirt and your truck, you have to remember to represent it. We all get mad and frustrated at times, but then Tyler Florence really put it to the test.

Some of the things you don’t see on TV is the stress of finding parking that is big enough to accomodate a truck the size of two cars, and also your pace car! You don’t see the scenes when we don’t have enough tools on the truck to make what we want, like a rice cooker, or even a pot! There is a lot that happens that isn’t televised, but I’m here to give you the exclusive drama!

As each episode continues on and we (hopefully) continue to make it, I will be writing a little blog to fill you in with what we are going through. All of the teams really became good friends during this first week. I think because we all went through the same hell at times. We do want to wish Murphy's Spud Truck a warm Aloha! What a great family and of course an amazing story. We wish you guys the best and know your new salad dressings are going to take off!

We are excited to be heading to Oregon in this week's show and we hope you can to catch it on the tube! (Is it still called the tube?) Until next week, remember that Aloha starts with you!


Lanai Tabura