We can't thank Portland Oregon enough. The Hawaiians Polynesians in Oregon really helped us out by showing up this week. I know they didn't show much of our crowed and lines that we had but that's really how we where able to kill it in Portland.

Timo and Kit of the barrel room took care of us on the parking side and people don't realize how important that is for this competition. It's all about location for this race and of course sales.

The gooey duck challenge was some what  of a gift to us cause we eat it all the time, and  raw. My brother Adam really brought his A game on this challenge cause there was no panic or second guessing what we would make.
It was a no brainer to put in our lettuce wraps and keep it simple and clean.

Part of our game plan for the race is to keep our dishes simple, With local flavors from Hawaii. I think the other teams really wanted to go gourmet which can  waste valuable time and money. We are trying our best to improvise at the same time show the Hawaii taste.

We are sad to see our friends from the Boardwalk Breakfast Empire go home cause they are some great people. They where the first team we met in LA and actually hung out with. They have been through some tough times with hurricane Sandy and we wish them the best. We love you guys!

What you don't see on TV was the weather. Portland really gave us Some cold we where not prepared for. It rained, it hailed, and the temperature dropped below 50 sometimes. May not seem cold for some of you but you have to realize we only brought shorts and were not ready for cold rain.

Another challenge we had was no rice cooker again! Because the budget was small it was either buy food or a rice cooker. I guess we pulled through on this one to  make it happen.

We are excited to get through Portland and happy cause we made a lot of new friends. Portland will always be special to us cause that's where Adam got his culinary skills from. If you missed the first episode Adam saved a mans life and in return he sent Adam to culinary school. It was full circle ride for all of us. Think about the journey we are on, kind of full circle don't  you think?

We learned a lot of lessons this week but the most important thing to always remember is, be nice to everyone you meet. Treat everyone like you  want to be treated. We are all human Beings and we need to do it more. Call it karma, call it paying it forward. We like to call it Sharing Aloha.