WOW! Barcelona, Spain brought a ton of WOW’s this past week, visiting everything from amazing churches with unbelievable architecture, to eating amazing Spanish tapas. When we first landed we hit the ground running, looking for the first tapas bar and pincho restaurant we could find. You always hear about the food in Spain- the savory flavors, fresh ingredients and decadent oils- but until you try it, it just can’t be explained. There aren’t enough words to describe an authentic pincho!

I always try to focus on the spots where the locals eat. It gives travelers a better sense of the culture and of course, only locals truly know where to find the best food. We hit a home run at the BAQUERA, which was located on the famous Las Rablas Street and open market. It was counter seating here, and there were people at every bar/restaurant along the street. The place was packed with locals eating and visitors waiting, looking over the shoulders of slow patrons enjoying Spanish wines and tapas.

There were 4 or 5 of the same types of food spots serving their own versions of octopus, oxtail, jamon and sangria. If you’re traveling and ever get a chance, visit a local dining spot and ask the locals where to direct you. They’re usually friendly, open and eager to share ideas and recommendations of sightseeing and food tasting in their city.

I was also very impressed with the history and architecture of Barcelona. The streets were clean, the people friendly. But there was so much to see with so little time! It’s one of those countries you definitely need more than four days to explore. Barcelona, being a port, had heavy cruise boat and yacht traffic, so they really catered to the visitors and getting around was easy. We used the local train and subway system, which is highly recommended if you are on a budget.

We are guaranteed going to have this trip again on our Travel Club menu. If Spain is not on your bucket list, it’s time to add it in! Barcelona is a must. Are you a foodie? Do you like history? Enjoy traveling? Lanai’s Travel Club is doing it all again next year, so come join us! Gracias.