Slap me I think I’m in a dream…

Santorini island feels as though you’re on a set of a movie and looks exactly like the photos and postcards you see of this picturesque dream land. This is the second time around for me here so I know just where the best parts of the island are and more importantly, where to eat!  The island itself has many places to see and visit; from Black sand beach to Oia Village which is home to the famous the blue domes on the cliff. The domes represent church’s and there are over 600 on the island.
View of Blue dome form the cliff side
Santorini from the cliff

There’s a little cafe (don’t know the name)that I always get drawn to and park and sit to have some wine and dessert. I can be there all day if I had the time. It only has about 8 tables, a small bar and patio perched over the cliff facing the ocean. Like many of the small businesses here, the owner is there 6 months out of the year. The population of the whole island is only about 15,000 and doubles during the summer. Most places close during the winter months so the best time to find a nice hotel is during those months.

Cliffside Cafe

Fira is the Capitol of the island and has many boutique shops and restaurants. One of my favorite places for some good food is the Sphinx. You can find it on the main walk way of the cliff side with a few different seating areas along the cliff side. The pastas are handmade and they serve local wines. They use all local ingredients and the service is excellent!
Looking down from a cliff at Sphinx restaurant in Santorini Pasta from Sphinx

If you decide to visit Santorini don’t do it during the months of June, July or August. It’s rather hot and can be crowded.

60% of Santorini is made up of Grapes. They also grow some great cherry tomatoes but my favorite are the capers. When ever I visit I bring home a few bottles!!

If you need to unwind, write, think, or just escape Santorini is your spot!