People always ask me with all your travels do you have any tips? I always try to make life simple and think ahead and map it out from the airport to the hotel to the suitcase. Hopefully these will help make your trip a little less stressful.

Packing: I always pack 3-4 days BEFORE my travel. My batting average is pretty good and dont forget much. I dont really ever forget anything because my suit case sits on my floor in the bedroom in front of me for too long. As the days go by I always seem to remember a thing or two which gives the leeway of packing with no rushing.

I am sure you have heard different ways to pack like roll your clothes, pack lite etc. I always start packing enough for 2 outfits per day. 7 days 14 sets of clothes. Then go backwards and pull things out like jeans. Because jeans you can wear a few times with our washing and are heavy you don’t need 7, but 3-4 will do. Also try do 1 color if you’re the type to match make sure the 1 sweater or jacket you bring matches all your clothes so you don’t have to worry about that.

If you are going to a 3rd world country you can get your clothes washed in most places (do some homework) for cheap, really cheap. Example Manila has places you can drop off your clothes for 1 load $5 washed and folded. I also highly recommend packing 2 set’s of clothes in your carry on just in case the airline loses your luggage. They usually take 2-3 days to locate your suit case if you are on a international flight and you are connecting. Remember 99% of the time luggage is lost is if there is a connection.

The Medicine Cabinet:
Always bring some medication with you. Asprin, Ibprofin, Tums, and even charcoal pills. If your are doing international travel especially. most of your sickness or colds come from your stomach so keep it healthy. Charcoal pills will kill all or any bacteria you have in your stomach so if you ever get stomach flu while traveling this will help. The last thing you want is to be searching for a drug store in foreign territory.

Keep it Clean:
Bring a mini travel Lysol spray or organic spray with you for germs and bacteria. I always have one in my carry on for the plane seat, seat belt and plane tray in front of your seat. Airplanes service millions of people and are constantly being used, its an incubator for germs. Not trying to get you paranoid but I know people who work maintenance and clean planes. Because they need to flip the flight for the next trip the tray you eat on is wiped down with the same rag from front to the back. Did you really think there going to use 350 different rags, and use 1 rag for just your service tray? You can also use the spray in your hotel room for the remote control, and the light switches.

Always make a copy of your ID and your passport and carry the copy with you. Leave the real ones in the hotel safe. You can also order a extra copy passport ID for your wallet. Print out your itinerary and carry it with you when ever you enter an airport. Some international airports now ask for the itinerary to enter the airport. Double and triple check your docs and make sure your name is spelled correct and same as your passport. some country’s are very strict.

I am really beginning to like airports. Thought you would never hear that huh? We have some pretty incredible airports in the world and I have been fortunate to spend some time in them. Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Amsterdam all have some cool airports. Do some homework before you leave and find out whats in them for your layover. every major airport has clean day rooms and shower rooms. Example Tokyo airports you can pay $8-10 for a shower. Korea Inchon has a killer spa on the bottom floor to get a massage and shower before your flight. The new LAX international side has a KOGI food truck, Umami burger and some good restaurants.

Keep it Local:
Where ever you go talk to the locals and get there advice where to eat, what to see and where not to go. The easiest place to meet the locals and strike up a conversation is there restaurants. I always find the hole in the wall spots and the crowded with local places. Our travel club always use’s local business in each particular city we go to and you can’t lose gong that route.

Save money using your cell phone by connecting to WIFI. You can order pocket wifi devices in a lot of countries over seas. It will cost you as cheap as $7 a day and you can pick them up and drop them off at the airport. Download apps like We chat, Viber, or Line and use the wifi to connect. You now can use your phone on wifi and even check in on your face book.
If you are headed to a foreign country check the hotel and see what wattage they use so you can bring the proper adapters. Bring a power strip so you have enough plugs for your phone, Camera, and your flat iron.

Make Life easier for yourself:
One of the greatest things Invented was TSA pre check. No Warrant’s, No police record? You can book a interview with the TSA for a NO line TSA pass in and out of airports. This VIP privilege is beautiful especially in busy airports. If you can’t get one the trick is, when you land head straight for immigration. Most international airports are very busy. While people are using the bathroom, do yourself a favor and beat the line.

Hope these tips help with your travels! Mahalo.
Lanai Tabura