I LOVE hotels! From the lobby decor to the room amenities to the small ways many hotels make me feel “at-home,” I pay attention to every small detail when I’m staying away from home. Many of you must know this because I field a lot of requests for hotel suggestions by those who are about to travel. So, for the next few blogs, I’ll explore some more of my favorite places to stay in Makati, Philippines.

My most recent trip to Makati was for a business, so I was staying in the financial district and center of Makati itself. For my hotel, I chose the Best Western Antel. Now, in America, Best Westerns may be considered a “budget” hotel with a mediocre reputation. But, in Asia (and some parts of the U.S.), you can now stay in what’s called Best Western Plus hotels. The Best Western Antel is one of these “elevated” hotels.


From the get-go, I had a great feeling about my stay there. I was greeted by doormen with big smiles and helpful gestures who led me into the lobby. And, speaking of the lobby, it was modern, yet comfortable–perfect for a weary traveler who needed a seat.

The front desk? All the agents were helpful and kind, which gave me hope that my room would be an extension of this comfortable atmosphere. It was! My room had the perfect set-up for doing business, with a small living room, kitchen, and table for my computer.

Swimming Pool

Outside the room, the hotel’s amenities were spot-on. The hotel had two pools–one covered and one outdoor, for those moments when I needed to stretch my legs after long periods of sitting. And, the lobby featured a wonderful spa with a friendly staff. My massage hit-the-spot, and better yet, it was really affordable.

I could have stayed in that fantastic hotel all day, but, eventually I ventured outside. To my delight, I found a supermarket right across the street, which had all the essentials I needed for my stay. And, I found lots of good restaurants and coffee shops within walking distance, which could be used for meals with clients or business meetings.


If you’re in Makati for work, the Best Western Antel is centrally-located and perfect for the business traveler. Traveling for pleasure? The hotel is an extraordinary home-base for your excursions and adventures.

The Best Western Antel staff made my stay there memorable and enjoyable, and the hotel itself was the perfect fit for my wants and needs. So, if you’re looking for a place to stay in Makati, Philipines, look no further than the Best Western Antel.