Naples Italy, the foster kid of All the Italian cities. Graffiti, pick pocketers, foreign hustlers, knock off sunglasses, bags and the road looks like a big ash tray of cigarette butts. Walk through the city center or old part of town and you have a feeling of disappointment and sadness for the people who live here. Crime and unemployment is high and there is the vibe of unhappiness everywhere. Don get caught up watching people play music or card games on the streets thats just a trap for pick pocketers to feat on you.

How could they let this beautiful cobblestoned road, ancient churches and old buildings fall apart? I visited 3 massive Catholic Churches 1 was falling apart and partially closed and the 2 others looked as if it had been robbed. Its been a dumping ground for chemicals and trash its clear there is a lot of underground business going on. You will find a lot of foreign hood rats that look like they are from Bangladesh, India and parts of Africa. You can tell the people who work and live there don’t care.

If you visit Naples I suggest a day trip for lunch and that’s about it. There is so much more of Italy to see and this run down city is just not worth it nor safe. From Naples to the Pompeii train station and there after the next it was all covered in Graffiti and most of it just taggers nothing artsy about it. The train stations look like run down crack houses and not ruins from the ancient times at all. You can’t help to feel sorry for the families who are running a respectful business.


On our trip the popular photographer Kim Taylor Reece and his wife Kanoe joined us only to witness first hand of the urban crime going on there. A guy on a motorcycle whips by and grabs Kim’s necklace off his neck as he is walking. Lucky for Kim he reacted quick and the thief didn’t get away with his gold. It was something out of a movie.

Don’t get me wrong we did meet a few nice locals but for the most part it wasn’t the kind of comfortable you get at home in Hawaii or Japan. You can tell everyone is on the take and all eyes are on you cause you stick out like a hooker in a elementry school.


The bright spot of my day was of course lunch! We stumbled upon Da Michele Pizzeria established in 1870 and does it the classic old school way. The place was packed and smelled amazing.


Margherita or marinara, what would you like to order? Medium or large? That’s all they serve and it’s legendary.


I asked a local where he ate pizza and he told us right down the block you can’t miss it.


Must be good the walls are loaded with photos of celebs who have patronized the pizzeria. Even Julia Roberts filmed Eat Pray Love there.


It’s not far from the Naples train station, just ask any local they will direct you. I was always told you really don’t have a need to visit Naples but if you do try some classic Pizza. If you like Pizza Hut or Domino’s don’t go your wasting your time. This isn’t processed, this isn’t canned this all hand made and organic. If you’re a foodie you will appreciate it, If you like Pizza Italian style you will love it.

Naples is a dozen train stops to Sorrento so just keep it moving and don’t stay long. Visit Pompeii and definitely stay in Sorrento a few days.