14 states, over 15,000 miles and overwhelmed with emotions. First, I’d like to start by saying mahalo to everyone who touch our lives during this incredible journey. I always thought I would end writing a thank you letter, but I know most of you would prefer the details, and how this all came to be […]

The long drive to Chicago was much more exciting for us than for the other competitors because we had just pulled off a win in the Twin Cities. Coming down off our Spam Challenge high, Adam, Shawn and I were all feeling pretty good. But we also got serious and discussed how Chicago would be […]

“This is what it sounds like, when doves cry” is the song pounding in the speakers as I drive into the Twin Cities. Adam is sleeping in the back seat and Shawn is a few cars ahead of us driving the food truck. It was only appropriate to be listening to a Prince song, as […]

The Mt. Rushmore monument is just about the only thing I knew about South Dakota before we arrived. But the state had always been on my bucket list, and I’m glad we had the opportunity to visit this amazing place. Episode 4 turned out to be a good glimpse of how Aloha Plate and its […]

Coming from the aina, we are potato pickers and pineapple pickers, and we call ourselves farm boys. Pocatello, Idaho is the capital of potatoes and has been very good to our family and our people. We come from a farming background- our grandfather had a half-acre garden behind our house- and we liked to think […]

We can't thank Portland Oregon enough. The Hawaiians Polynesians in Oregon really helped us out by showing up this week. I know they didn't show much of our crowed and lines that we had but that's really how we where able to kill it in Portland. Timo and Kit of the barrel room took care […]

Excitement, anxiety and frustration are the three words I would use to describe our first week on the Great Food Truck race. But what a great adventure it has been! Obviously we are not happy with being in 5th place currently, but we did learn a lot from the experience so far, and think we […]

A few words to describe my experience in Korea… Korean BBQ's, shopping, and so much to see! I was quite surprised with the advancement Korea has made and its growth in technology and modern appeal. The people are polite and you can still find the traditional ways of bowing and respect in this country. It […]

I think we’ve all experienced a situation where we noticed someone who looked and acted like a tourist. Whether it’s their driving, clothing, or interaction with others, it tends to be obvious to locals when they’re dealing with a tourist. While you might love to travel, most people don’t like looking as if they don’t […]