I’m a hotel-hopper, a hotel-lover, and a hotel-explorer – and I feel lucky every day that I get to experience cool boutique hotels and write about them. This time, I feel extra-fortunate because I get to give a shout-out to one of my new favorite hotels, The Picasso boutique hotel in Manila, Philippines. Anywhere else, […]

Florence has to be one my favorite cities in Italy. After all, it’s home to some incredible cultural treasures, like the statue of David, The Duomo Basilica, and the Ponte Vecchio bridge. But, beyond the art and culture, Florence offers so much more – like the cuisine. In fact, my favorite things in Florence arrive […]

Naples Italy, the foster kid of All the Italian cities. Graffiti, pick pocketers, foreign hustlers, knock off sunglasses, bags and the road looks like a big ash tray of cigarette butts. Walk through the city center or old part of town and you have a feeling of disappointment and sadness for the people who live […]

Red Light district, Coffee shops, Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House are just some of the highlights of Amsterdam. What an amazing place with so much history and stuff to see. It was my 3rd trip to the Netherlands and for sure not my last. Some of the must stop places to visit […]

This year I put in almost 70,000 miles by plane and had to add pages to my passport. I’m not a pilot or a flight attendant, but I am a traveling junkie. People always ask me if I ever get jet lag and the answer is yes, I do, but not often. I wish I […]

Slap me I think I’m in a dream… Santorini island feels as though you’re on a set of a movie and looks exactly like the photos and postcards you see of this picturesque dream land. This is the second time around for me here so I know just where the best parts of the island […]

What an interesting place! Historic, fascinating and vibrant. When you first step into the Grand Canal, you can’t help to try and keep up with the hustle and bustle of what’s going on. There are so many moving parts to Venice- it’s like organized chaos! You feel as if you’re on a set of a […]

When we made our decent into Ho Chi Man city in Vietnam I got to see the Saigon River, the landmark that has made Vietnam so famous. Thoughts of classic movies like The Apocalypse and Good Morning Vietnam came to mind and I realized that travel for me is the ultimate high because of the […]

We’re back! What a trip! And we’re eager to tell you all about our experience touring the lively country of Korea! First off, Lanai’s Travel Club is such a fun and unique group to be part of because it turns traveling into a social event, which is rare when it comes to globetrotting. It’s common […]

A few words to describe my experience in Korea… Korean BBQ's, shopping, and so much to see! I was quite surprised with the advancement Korea has made and its growth in technology and modern appeal. The people are polite and you can still find the traditional ways of bowing and respect in this country. It […]