We’ve all heard the adage, the more the merrier, right? Well, when it comes to traveling, this statement couldn’t be truer. While it’s fun to take a trip with your partner or a close friend, traveling group travel eally adds to the experience. With Lanai’s Travel Club, we take up to 50 guests on a […]

We’re back! And wow, what a great time we all had! This past April Lanai’s Travel Club took a trip to the Eastern Mediterranean for an amazing experience. From wandering the streets of Bari to sampling local foods to private tours, shopping and more, our adventure through Europe was absolutely incredible. The group we traveled […]

Japan, BONZAI! One of my favorite countries to visit. The people of Japan teach you respect, passion, and pride without even speaking a word. Their actions give you a feeling of how the world should be, how communities used to be, and how life needs to be. I have been fortunate enough to visit Japan […]