I LOVE hotels! From the lobby decor to the room amenities to the small ways many hotels make me feel “at-home,” I pay attention to every small detail when I’m staying away from home. Many of you must know this because I field a lot of requests for hotel suggestions by those who are about […]

Seda Bonifacio Global City is another hidden gem in the Philippines. Located in the new urban city of Fort Bonifacio or the Global City, it’s central and classy for the business man on the move. The decor is clean and the furniture hip. My first time staying there I learned that Seda means silk in […]

I have been traveling to Manila for business for quite some time and everyone knows I love hotels. I like 5 star hotels, and like hotels that are 4 star online but has the value of a 5 star. Holiday Inn in Makati is worth a visit and a great hotel. I have stayed here […]

For the next few weeks, I’ve decided to feature some of my favorite hotels around the world, simply because I love hotels. Last week I featured a business hotel in Manila. Today, I’d like to share my experience at the New World Manila Bay Hotel. I was very impressed with the accommodations, the casino, the […]

Manila, Philippines has been always a great destination on my radar. With the rise of business in this country it has become a mecca for food, casinos, and sights. I have been visiting the Philippines for the past 10 years so I have become somewhat of an export on everything there. I wanted to shine […]

People always ask me with all your travels do you have any tips? I always try to make life simple and think ahead and map it out from the airport to the hotel to the suitcase. Hopefully these will help make your trip a little less stressful. Packing: I always pack 3-4 days BEFORE my […]

Happy New Year! This year is going to be a ton of traveling miles and stamps on the passport. We have som many exciting things in the world and coming up I am hoping to cover all of your Bucket list needs. I know for sure I will be doing some of my own personal […]

This year I put in almost 70,000 miles by plane and had to add pages to my passport. I’m not a pilot or a flight attendant, but I am a traveling junkie. People always ask me if I ever get jet lag and the answer is yes, I do, but not often. I wish I […]

Beautiful beaches, cascading waterfalls, breath taking coastline- but wait, we’re not talking about Hawaii. We’re describing our scouting trip to Taiwan for aother upcoming Lanai’s Travel Club adventure! You’ll be amazed at some of the things we discovered during our recent scouting trip to this culturally alive country. With Taiwan in mind as an upcoming […]

I think we’ve all experienced a situation where we noticed someone who looked and acted like a tourist. Whether it’s their driving, clothing, or interaction with others, it tends to be obvious to locals when they’re dealing with a tourist. While you might love to travel, most people don’t like looking as if they don’t […]